How To Make Money From Youtube Without Monetization 2021 || Best Guide

Make Money from YouTube: Making money online nowadays has been becoming more and more popular. A new generation is diverting towards it; in this duration, it’s too beneficial for you to know how to make money from YouTube without monetization.

Monetization on YouTube is pretty tricky because the criteria of YouTube Monetization are rather tricky and time-consuming compared to blog monetization.

You need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours total watch time which is a too-long milestone to achieve.

Adsense Monetization is one of the best sources of earning from YouTube; meanwhile, you should seek other sources of YouTube monetization to make money online on YouTube.

I observed multiple times that certain groups are analyzing too many trusted blogs and YouTube Channels to fetch information about making money from YouTube without Monetizing the YouTube Channel.

Do you think that it is too hard or too easy to make money from YouTube without ads? Whatever your belief is will be cleared in this blog, hence stick on this blog till the last line of explanation.

What is youtube

It’s understood that you know what YouTube is, even though I would like to take an opportunity to explain more about YouTube.

YouTube is the World’s largest video sharing platform which is the child company of Google established in 2005.

You can consider YouTube an open video sharing platform with some affordable restrictions to maintain users’ privacy and keep the children far away from the adult content.

In the direction of good progress, YouTube has implemented an add-on platform such as YouTube Music, where people can enjoy listening to the music constantly without distraction, YouTube Studio, where the Video Content Creators can individually manage their YouTube channel.

Another one, YouTube, has introduced a short videos feature in 2020, making an insane increment in the number of publishers.

YouTube is not only to watch the video; it’s one of the greatest and biggest online making money platforms.

Before 2008, YouTube was not offering monetization, i.e., any video content creator who was publishing their knowledge with great ideas was not getting anything as a reward.

In 2008, YouTube exploded an announcement with the happiest surprise for the video content creators, which made a massive hike in the numbers of video content creators.

YouTube introduced monetization programs to valuable content creators with various specific criteria, and YouTube has been changing it frequently according to the situation.

Who can join youTube as a publisher?

Publisher stands for a person willing to share his knowledge, ideas, and skills with the audience of YouTube with no fake content.

Everyone who holds valuable content and is willing to share it with the people in terms of videos can join the YouTube community as a Publisher.

He needs to create a YouTube channel with a unique name, and he can upload the creative and valuable content in the form of videos with which the users of YouTube can get the relevant solution by interacting.

YouTube is supposed to achieve the milestones to solve the problems and share helpful information to its users; YouTube does not allow adult, gambling, or pornographic content.

Recommended Tips for You

Each platform on the planet that generates the money for a person asks for great value against the capital.

Hence being a YouTuber may be easier than Blogger; you may come across the strong stones while your journey of YouTubing as the number of subscribers is the wild card of a YouTuber.

You will have to focus on sharing high-quality content with the viewers to gain more subscribers, as one will subscribe on the first visit to your YouTube channel.

You will have to serve the high quality and problem-solving-oriented content with unbreakable consistency, and then your graph will start to hike slowly.

The second important tip I need to share is that you need to focus only on your YouTube channel; you are not supposed to criticize any other YouTuber’s channel or content; if you face any huddles from another one, you can raise a complaint to YouTube with legal ways.

Never try to criticize other’s channel or content as it returns the negative impacts for your YouTube channel, and you may face some unwanted huddles before monetizing your YouTube channel.


However, we will explore the terminology and basic to advance fundamentals of making money from YouTube with Adsense and earning money from YouTube without Adsense.

The purpose of go through both ways is that it will take a long time to monetize your YouTube channel through Adsense, and meanwhile, you should start generating an income from the YouTube channel from the other sources.

Yes, there are multiple ways apart from Adsense to monetize your YouTube channel and start generating revenue.

Hence we are looking the making money from YouTube without Adsense. However, AdSense is the most legit and trusted way; therefore, we will explore it first.

So Let’s Begin in the direction!

Before starting, many people might be thinking about how much money you can earn from youtube, so in response to this query, I am glad to share that you can make thousands and millions of dollars on YouTube by integrating multiple revenue sources with your YouTube Channel.

YouTube never restricts the publisher from making money from YouTube.

There is no unique or separate process to join the YouTube Partner Program; when creating a YouTube channel and publishing the first video, you get access to YouTube Partner Program.

Well, some criteria must be followed and fulfilled by the publisher before applying for monetization.

The publisher’s YouTube channel must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours total watch time.

These criteria are not static or not forever; they may vary with the publishers’ time to keep their channel continue and monetized.

The age of the Youtube channel doesn’t matter, and YouTube does not concern with the age of the medium.

Gain only Valid and Legit Subscribers

You will find the people online who are selling the subscribers in reward of some money; you are strongly advised not to go with an approach to buy the subscribers or views apart from the organic and legit sources.
It may cause the responsible for uncoverable harm for your YouTube channel in the future.
Some publishers go with these illegal ways to get the monetization earlier, which is a wrong approach.

As long as you achieve the criteria declared by YouTube, you can apply for the Adsense Monetization, and the AdSense team will review your application and will conclude whether your YouTube channel is eligible for serving ads or not.

In several cases, there are very few chances to get a rejection as the YouTube Monetization policy is not too strict until you stop serving the legit and valuable quality content to its audiences.

Affiliate Marketing – Best Monetization way for making money from youTube

In the current trend, everyone is familiar with what affiliate marketing is, and almost it has been explored so much more; however, I would take an opportunity to explain the overview about affiliate marketing.

Before explaining affiliate marketing, it’s my responsibility to clear the difference between affiliate marketing and Multi-Level Marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing is quite different from affiliate marketing.

Some people instantly refuse to join the affiliation of any organization with the understanding of the raw explanation about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing stands for the partnership with organizations willing to globalize their business by increasing their sales.

In affiliate marketing, a publisher promotes the products of the associated organization by the affiliate link provided by the organization for a particular product; as long as an organization gets the sale(s) from the affiliate link, the publisher receives some amount of the total cost of the product, which is called the affiliate commission and whole marketing process sounds the affiliate marketing.

You might be thinking, how can you make money from affiliate marketing on YouTube, correct?

Hence it’s quite an easy process for a YouTuber if he holds the consistency with publishing the exploration of the valuable product.

It would be best if you had an affiliate association with the organization and must have affiliate links to promote to your audience.

You might come across some blogs or videos that states about making money from affiliate marketing with the help of YouTube, but I am pretty sure that you would not be getting the fundamentals of promoting the legit product in the right way.

My experience of 3+ years stats me that many beginners start affiliate marketing from YouTube, and they leave this platform as they do not get sales and commission does not get generated.

What mistake they make is that they start promoting the products from the first video, which is near the slow suicide.

Make the trust on your audience’s mind

As a beginner, you do not have any reputation on the planet; you are not a trusted source for the audience, no one will recognize you as a chief solution maker regarding their problems.

I aim to explain that the promotion of the products is not a start point to generate income by affiliate marketing from YouTube; there are some preliminary steps you must follow to strengthen the base.

Firstly, you have to present yourself as a substantial information resource, and you need to approach the people to trust you and your research.

In the beginning, do not suggest the products to your audience; explain the product details, guide them on which kind of product they should buy, which checkpoints they need to verify before purchasing.
Educate the people whether they want that product or not, if so, admire to research about the product from the legit sources before they make up their mind to purchase.

What might become a longer time-taking process, but as a return, after a particular time, no one will look for an alternate for the information provided by you on your YouTube channel.

The backend process of this result is that as long as you share the basic details of the product purchase, people or, let’s say, the audience sees you as a legit source of information over time, and you start becoming a live band.

Choose The Proper Category or Niche of The Product

The second mistake publishers make is that they lack in selecting the product category or niche for affiliate marketing on youtube.

Firstly go with your passion & interest and then go with the product’s analytics; one more thing I would bring to the notice is that you should not compare the affiliate marketing done by YouTube and Blogging.

In blogging, you are supposed to use a different strategy, while youtube requires a different approach.

A good quality affiliate marketer is supposed to choose the products sold with the minimum explanations with the max quantity.

It has been constantly observed that a beginner class of affiliate marketers elect products with more commission. However, they skip the other aspect of that product, i.e., return rate, trust factors, honest reviews, and current users’ feedback.

A sign of a good affiliate marketer is that he picks the products having all-time high scores in all factors; a higher affiliate commission offer does not stand for the excellent product.

So, in conclusion, choose the product wisely.

Start promoting the legit products

What is the time to execute your whole blueprint, which you are preparing for a specific time?

As long as you feel that you have enough subscribers and your videos are being marked as a trusted source of information, start sharing the Affiliate Links for the products that you are exploring on a particular video.

Mention the affiliate links in the description section of the video, and also publish the disclaimer that you will be getting a minuscule amount as a commission if a viewer purchases the product from your affiliate link.

What is a conventional approach to engaging the user with your informational source, i.e., YouTube channel?

Sponsership – better chance to make money on youTube

As long as your YouTube channel becomes popular and your audience will stick with you, brands will approach you to partner with them.

They will allow you to promote their products with the paid deal called the sponsored video.

Even you do not have more reach, but your channel and content are niche-oriented; the brands are happy to connect with you and pay you a good amount.

Good brands will ask you to review their products, educate the people about the same, and approach your audience to buy it.

For example, if you know the YouTuber Kripesh Adwani is getting too much sponsorship from many reputed hosting companies, i.e., Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, Godaddy.

While presenting the sponsored video, it’s necessary to declare that this is the sponsored video according to YouTube’s guidelines.

Superchat – earn while live premiere


You might have come across to hear about the YouTube Superchat the first time, or you might have listened to it a little ever.

You might be thinking, what is youtube super chat and how to earn from youtube super chat, right?

Well, all the answers to the questions will be answered in a couple of minutes in this blog ahead.

Superchat is considered a new monetization aspect but let me enlighten the fact that YouTube Superchat was introduced in 2017, and since its launching, it has been used by many YouTubers and making money.

What is YouTube superchat?

When you schedule a live stream or a video premiere, your viewers present in your streaming are willing to pay you from $1 to $500 to pin their comments on the top positions of the chat section.

The feature of superchat pins the comment of that user and highlights it on the top with the user’s name and the amount that he contributed to making sure that everyone can see it.

The user willing to pay the amount for pinning his comment is offered to contribute the custom amount with the range from $1 to $500.
This amount is not contributed randomly; the user pays more, his comment will appear for a much longer time, almost up to 5 years, and more amount enables the user to write more characters.

Paid comments are visible in different and highlighted colors to be recognized as a paid comments so that the other users also get inspiration to raise the paid comments, and the funding of streamers can be increased.


how the superchat works?

As long as you go live on YouTube, the invited and other users will be joining you with your live streaming, and you will be keeping your live stream resumed.

Your users will see the symbol of Dollars by which clicking on, he will have an option to pay the amount between the range of $1 to $500 to the YouTuber (you).

The more the user pays you, his comment will be highlighted appear longer.

Eligebility for superchat

Your YouTube channel must be monetized with the YouTube partner program to benefit the YouTube Superchat and make money online on Youtube.

Without monetization, YouTube will not allow you to host live streaming for superchat.

It would be best if you were 18+ to avail this monetization platform from YouTube; below 18 years, YouTubers are not allowed for the YouTube Superchat.

One more thing that I want to bring to notice you that before preparing for the YouTube Superchat, kindly find your region here as it is available on your location or not.

The creative suggestion we would like to share is that you should keep the approach to host the superchat streaming with high numbered subscribers as it compounds the money.

How much you will earn by one session of superchat?

Here we are not focusing on how much amount you will earn; we are focusing on how much you will take home from the total earning of the YouTube Superchat premiere.

You would be familiar with the fact that YouTube is a child company of Google and Google makes significant revenue from Adsense.

Superchat is another primary resource for generating revenue, and YouTube keeps a 30% share of revenue generated by Superchat, and 70% will be transferred to the YouTube that hosts the superchat.

For example, if you earn $2,000 in one session, you will be able to take home $1,400, and the rest $700 will be owned by YouTube as the superchat revenue.

Which Youtube niche has the most potential for superchat?

Of Course, the Gaming niche is ruling over YouTube and especially on the superchat module.

Gamers are hosting more and more live premieres day by day and collecting much money as they have a vast class of oriented subscribers.

The second niche is the live news niche, and the live news channel has the most earning potential from youtube superchat.

Another one I would suggest is the cooking niche, as you may be aware that there is a different class of foody people over the planet who are always in search of the recipes of new items.

If you have the superchat earning potential niche and have a heavy amount of subscribers on your youtube channel, you should not waste time making up your mind to start the live premiere and making money by superchat.

youTube Premium – One of the most potential earning source depends on the subscribers

YouTube Premium is the most profitable (in terms of share, not amount) revenue resource for YouTube.

In a first look, YouTube sounds much more beneficial for the viewers, and it is right somehow; however, it’s more profitable for YouTubers than the viewers.

Let me Explore in-depth!

If a user purchase the premium membership of YouTube, What he gets?

  • Ad-free video watches on YouTube
  • Ad-Free video streaming for Kids
  • Watch videos offline – download and watch later
  • Listening music offline – download and listen later
  • Play video/music in background – app will be minimized, but video/music will be resumed
  • YouTube Music Premium Feature
  • YouTube Originals

These are insane perks for viewers, but creators are not excluded from the benefits of YouTube Premium.

How YouTube Premium Makes Money for YouTubers?

Do You Know?

YouTube premium has not been introduced to share the benefits only to viewers; it’s also a great way for creators to generate extra revenue.

I know you are eager to understand how YouTube Premium Works and how it helps YouTubers make money online from YouTube Premium, right?

YouTube premium is not specially designed for YouTubers like Adsense or Superchat; it has been established for viewers and generates revenues for YouTube itself.

However, YouTube shares some of the revenue generated from the YouTube premium with the Creators (YouTubers).

According to the trusted sources, YouTube takes only a 45% share from the Premium earning of the creator.

The revenue you are about to get depends on the watch time of your channel’s each video; the more watch time reflects, the more income.

You should enable YouTube Premium on your YouTube channel and start working on it, and it would be one of the great sources of Making Money on YouTube.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

Well, it depends on which country you are driving the traffic on your YouTube channel; however, on average, a YouTuber earns $5 views per 1000 views, according to the general analysis.

How many Indian rupees YouTube 1000 views?

If you are driving the traffic from Indian Region on your YouTube channel, you are supposed to earn Rs. 200-300 per 1000 views; additionally, it depends on the CPC of keywords from where the users are being redirected on your videos.

How do you get 1k views on YouTube?

Getting 1k views on YouTube is not a big deal; you can divide the process into different modules.
The first step, which is too mandatory, is to create legit content that inspires the viewer to watch again and again and share that video with leading sources.
You should create a playlist by gathering the same category of informational videos and share them.
Never forget to suggest the playlist as an interlinking inserted video at the eye button to add the card.
Interlink the other relevant videos of your channel on the start screen and end screen.
Adding videos on the start screen is not much more recommended, but never forget to interlink the other related videos of your YouTube channel on the end screen as it boosts the number of views by the familiar users.
Share your YouTube videos to the different platforms like social media tarting the interested audiences.


Before a couple of years, there were not multiple ways to make money from YouTube. Hence YouTube is targeting to increase the creators as well as viewers day by day.

In search of achieving the high milestones, YouTube offers the creators to make money from YouTube without monetizing with itself from other sources.

YouTube Monetization in a legal way takes a long later time; meanwhile, creators need the motivation to create high-quality content for the viewers, and the other sources explained in this blog are some of them.

If you are still thinking of creating a YouTube channel and serving quality content, then stop thinking, start doing.

Thinkers get that the Doers Leave!

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