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Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

The global worth of Affiliate Marketing is more than $12 Billion in 202 and it’s growing exponentially day by day and the more than 80% of brands are approaching the affiliate marketing business trend to grow their business, still, are you waiting to start the affiliate marketing?

There are multiple ways to make money online, and all are legit, hence each one has its different and unique potential, Affiliate marketing is the best leading way of them.

There is a huge class of people who are jumping directly into affiliate marketing without having complete and correct information and can not handle it, and they have to quit.

The reason of getting failed is unawareness about the strategy of executing the affiliate marketing sales, they state the affiliate marketing as a fake and nonpotential field.

It’s wanted for you that you must have the clear fundamentals and basic strategies from beginner to advance of affiliate marketing.

There are multiple ways to make money from affiliate marketing, hence, you should get a good command on a few of them only.

Affiliate Marketing enables you to make money from YouTube as well by using YouTube as an affiliate products promotion platform.

  • Affiliate Marketing by Blog
  • Affiliate Marketing by Website
  • Affiliate Marketing by Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing by Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing by Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing byYouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing by Referral Programs

These are the major ways from which the strategy of making money from affiliate marketing can be executed, and apart from these, there are multiple sources.

Before exploring How to make money from affiliate marketing without a website, I want you to have the basic information about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing stands for the third party product promotion and gets some flat or percentage amount out of the selling price of that product from the seller as a commission.

Affiliate Marketing is one type of marketing, it’s understood, however, the entire process is done online by connecting via internet connectivity.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote the product of the third party seller, whenever you generate the sale from your affiliate link provided by the seller, it’s considered as your affiliate sale and they are supposed to pay some amount as a commission.

This commission is called the affiliate commission.

How does affiliate marketing work?

When you join an affiliate network, you are provided the link from which you will be promoting the products which is called an affiliate link.

You need to share the affiliate link instead of the original link of the product to your audience, from which the seller can track that the sale was generated by your reference.


When you share an original link, the seller can not track that the product was sold by your affiliate link and you will not get any commission.

When a seller generates a link for the product for your affiliation, your affiliated id is embedded with the URL or link of that product, which assists to track the source of the sale.

Now when you promote a link online, users get interested in the link, and when they click on the link, the affiliate link makes them redirected to the product page of the seller.

If the user purchases anything from that page, the seller gets sales and hence, the sale was made by your affiliate link, you will be getting some percentage of the purchase amount as an affiliate commission.

In a nutshell, Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to build a permanent business without investment, however, if you want to grow your affiliate business with ultimate speed, the investment will act as a catalyst for your business growth.


Website or blog is one of the best sources to promote the affiliate program as through the website or blog you can connect with your audience in two ways transaction.

Via blog or website, you can explain the product in-depth with its pros and cons, you could have the email list of the interested users which can be converted into the customers as well.

However, the website or blog is not mandatory to run the affiliate business, there are various ways apart from the website from which you can build a strong customer base and can promote the products of your affiliate network and make money by affiliate marketing.

Some of the ways for affiliate marketing without a website need investment and some of them do not.

In this article, we will go through those sources by which you can do affiliate marketing without a website.

Email Marketing – pretty way for affiliate marketing without website

According to US Experts’ analysis, your earnings in dollars equals the number of email addresses in your database.
If you have the email addresses of 1000 USA people then your monthly revenue will cross the $1000 per month very soon.

Email Marketing is one of the best sources to run an affiliate marketing business without a website.

You need to have an Email Marketing tool to promote the products to your audience which is available for free as well as paid.

Initially, you do not need to buy a paid version of an email marketing tool as the free email marketing tools allow you to send up to 300 emails per day.

As long as you start to gain more and more subscribers it’s a good approach to move on to the paid email marketing tool expand the affiliate business to generate more sales.

Despite, if you are clear with your goal, and want to skip the trial period of running the business, there is not a scope to be double-minded, you can go with the premium email marketing tools.

There are such a well reputed and most featured email marketing tools are available on the planet by utilizing them you can generate many numbers of the sale per day!

How will you get email addresses of users?

There are two ways to get the email addresses of users, one is the legal way and another one is an illegal way!

Of course, you are not supposed to choose the illegal way because it will not help a minute even, in spite of having a 10,000 email addresses list, you will not be getting a sale.

Because in an illegal way, what you do that you fetch the email addresses by the google chrome extensions, but you are not sure whether they are interested in your product or they are in search of that product or not.

So, if you promote the product to those who are not interested, or they do not need it, your all money and time will be wasted, as they are not going to purchase, even they are not going to open your email.

The moral of the story does not keep an approach to collect email lists from Google chrome extension, or Facebook group, and other sources like these.

You might be thinking what is the legit source from which we can fetch the potential email addresses, right?

I will explain to you, one source is the website or blog, where you can approach the user to fill the form in the content of name, email, and phone number.

Well, this article is dedicated to making money from affiliate marketing without a website, therefore I am about to suggest to you the legit and quick ways apart from the website.

Get Email Address From Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media platforms on the earth, you are supposed to create a dedicated page on social media, and you need to take care that you are not including any further information apart from your affiliate product niche.

While creating the influencing page on social media you need to enable the email subscription so that the user can submit his email address details, which will be useful for sending the product details.

Another way is to create the channel and integrated groups and the channel where you can share the links of your affiliate products.

Why Should you get Email Address By Legit Ways

Sending the product details email is equal to aiming in the dark, where you are not sure that your aim will ping on the target or not.

When you send the product details to a random population, you do not have any prediction whether they need that product or not, and some people even never open your email, so your efforts and wait will be going in the trash.

At the other end, when you ask for the email address of the people who are interested in the niche of the product of which you are running an affiliate business, the chances of conversion get hiked multiple times.

How to Send Email to Your User (Future Customers)

We are not going to discuss the process of shooting emails to the customers, I am going to educate you on how should you prepare the email which contains the potential of conversion from query to sales.

Your email should not be in the format of just text and paragraph, it won’t work at all.

While creating an email, utilize the best templates given in the funnel dashboard or create your own.

Make The Cheezy Subject Line

The subject line of your email should not be general or common, it must have the potential to make click your customer on your email.


Write The Converisonal Content

The content inside the email must be conventional in which you are going to offer some best deals, Money Saving Offer, some freebie offers, with proper explanations.

You are not supposed to write the email too long that it sounds like a blog, just cover the major aspects of the products.

Mention the major benefits and how the product is going to add value to the customers’ life.

Use The Self Made Graphics In Email

The inclusion of graphics in any content adds the potential of engaging the people, which is responsible to create many possibilities to visit the product page.

Graphics is one of the most needed aspects of Email Marketing Strategies and you are not supposed to forget to attach the link of the landing page on the graphic.

Insert The Call to Action Button

The call to action button holds the maximum potential to convert the query into the leads and then after conversion.

Always add a call to action button in each email in which you are going to suggest the product to the customer.

  • Grab the Deal Now
  • View on xyz (Affiliate website name)
  • Hurry Up
  • Activate Deal Now
  • Save 50%

Track The Customer’s Activity

Now the time is to target only potential and interested customers for your affiliate products, you need to track which actions are being taken with your promotions by the users (or customers.).

You are supposed to send multiple emails to your subscribers because no one is going to take action on your approach in the first email or first proposal.

The Email Marketing tools enable you to track and monitor which actions are being taken by the customers on your email.

You need to categorize the customers in different categories according to their behavior.

  • Those who do not open your email
  • Those who open your email and don’t take any action
  • Those who open your email and take any action on it.

You are not supposed to focus on those customers who are not going to open your email ever.

You need to focus on the rest categories of users who are interested in your conversation which you share with them.

Email Marketing tools are having the feature which enables you to send emails automatically with a gap of a certain duration.

In the direction of taking the advantage of this feature of the email marketing tool, you need to send the emails regularly to your interested and potential customers for a certain duration.

Best Email Marketing Tools

As I mentioned earlier, Email Marketing is one of the best resources to make money online, it is a must to have, and in response to it, we are going to suggest to you some very best email marketing tools.

  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • SeninBlue
  • Constant Contact

While being a beginner, it’s not advisable to invest in any email marketing directly, to recover that risk, almost every email marketing tool is offering you a free trial for certain days, i.e. 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days.

If you do not invest the capital in the email marketing tool initially, you have a great opportunity to test the email marketing potential.

SendinBlue email marketing tool is offering the 300 emails per day which is more than enough in beginning of affiliate marketing with email marketing.

Affiliate marketing by youTube

Hence, YouTube is holding the massive potential to make money online by integration with different sources and affiliate marketing is one of them.

There are various ways to make money from YouTube, however in this theory, I am educate you how you can you integrate YouTube with affiliate marketing and generate revenue by it.

If you hold the targeted audience, with on YouTube, then affiliate marketing is pretty simple for you, because your content create a good influence which forces the viewers to purchase the product suggested by your from your affiliate link.

You are supposed to promote only quality products in terms of each aspects, as do not concentrate on the high commission products, the product what you are going to suggest, must be adding values in life of your users.

There is a detailed article on how to make money from YouTube with Affiliate marketing, you are advised to read it for more depth information.

YouTube ads – best affiliate program strategy

You must have been thinking why I am stating the YouTube Ads as one of the best affiliate program stragety, right?

While running ads of your affiliate products on YouTube, you are not required to create any kind of content, customization video upload, script writing, SEO, or nothing else which a YouTube is supposed to do.

An affiliate needs to just create the ad and run a campaign o YouTube, hence, it requires the investment, as you will have to pay per click or impressions to YouTube.

The major challenge to engage the audience is the quality of ads, yes, you have to work on the direction of creating ads which impact the thought of the audience directly.

Let’s take an example of SEMRush, the YouTube ads run by SEMRush is totally animated, but the content and apporch of ad’s script forces the user to click on it.

Earning Potential of YouTube Ads for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s suppose you are promoting SEMRush SEO all in one tool by YouTube ads, and YouTube is charging you $.10 per click done by viewer.

Now, if 1000 people click on your ads, the least chance we consider of 3 sales per 1000 users.

The basic tool of SEMRush is rated by $112.00 around, and affiliate commission is 40% of total purchase price.

If your ads gets clicked 1000 times, your expense will be $100.

Now, let’s consider that only 5 people are purchasing the SEMRush Basic Plan of $112 only.

Your commission will be $45 per sale and the total of 5 sales becomes $225 which is too high than your investment.

How Should You Run YouTube Ads

You should not run a YouTube ad of the affiliate product on the random keyword, you must analyze the trend first.

For example, if you are running the affiliate marketing program of SEMRush All in One SEO tool, then you should target the keywords related to blogging niche.

For example, Best Tool for Keyword Researh, Best Keyword Research tool, How to do Keyword Resarch, How to do SEO, Best Keyword Reserach Extentions, etc…

Whenever a person will search a video on YouTube by inserting the keyword on which you have run the ad campaign, your ad will appear to that viewer meanwhile the video playing.

As long as he will click and purchase any package of SEMRush all in one SEO tool, you will be earning affiliate commission.

Google Ads – Best Alternative of YouTube ads for affiliate marketing


If you are not good to create the video ad contents and looking for the best alternative for YouTube ads, Google Ads enables you to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.

I do not recommend you to run ads on google for your products randomly, there are such checkpoints to be followed before running campaign on google ads, or adwords.

Use Google Trends

Before running Google ads you should analyze the google trends whether it is being searched or not on google.

Secondly, the google trends indicates you the frequency and trends of searching of the keywords related to the product.


By going through the Google Trends you can conclude whether you should run an ad campaign on that keyword or not.

Use Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner specially developed for the advertisers by which following the advertised can conclude on which keyword they should run the ad campaign.

Google charges you by counting the clicks made on your ads, and they also include the impression which indicates you how many number of times your ad is displayed for specific keyword.

In the Google Ads, the most important aspect is Click Through Rate (CTR), which can be fetch by dividing the Imporession by click, and by the CTR, you can have the data for which ads are clicked most.

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